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About Us

"Just when the caterpillar thought that the world was over, it became a butterfly."  --Anonymous

What's the skinny on Susabelle Boutique--

Susabelle Boutique is an eclectic mix of home goods, personal care, stationery,  baby gifts, and jewelry.  A spin-off of sorts of my brick and mortar store, La Belle Maison, Susabelle Boutique takes the ten years of the tried and true and mixes it with a new generation of fresh and fun.  Click around.  I'm sure you will love it all.  It's all about life's little luxuries*perfect for sharing--with a twist.

Wait, but what is a Susabelle?

Not "what" but "who" is the better question.  Naming the site Susabelle is an homage to my mom. When my mom, Sisina Rosa Lucia, first came to America, my aunt Sandy nicknamed her "Sue". Then my godmother, Elizabeth, would call her Susabelle for fun.  I love them all dearly and that name is reminscent of my wonderful childhood growing up in an Italian-American home.  My mom makes everything that she touches a little more beautiful than when she found it.    My mom is my hero. Her courage and guidance inspire me.  What better name then?

Who selects the products for Susabelle Boutique?

Well, that would be me. Chris Williard.    With ten years of retail experience in a brick and mortar store and a relentless passion for pillows, jewelry, things that smell pretty, and cards that say something worthwhile, I have pulled together the carefully curated collection for Susabelle Boutique.  From Atlanta to LA, I have scoured markets in search of the best of the best, focusing on made in the USA, and brought it all right to your fingertips.  With my special way of gift wrapping, Susabelle Boutique will be your go-to source for life's little luxuries* perfect for sharing.  Read on to find out why Susabelle Boutique is even more special.

What makes Susabelle Boutique different?

I'm glad you asked!  Browse around and you will notice the "Made in the USA" tag on the majority of our products.  You see,  the ABC News website mentions this statistic:  "Economists say that if everyone spent $3.33 on US made goods every year, it would create nearly 10,000 new jobs in this country".  Just think about that-- $3.33 is what we pay for our morning latte. So, this is my contribution to making our country what it once was--we can do it--I know we can!  Let's bring some manufacturing back to America! It is my commitment to support American manufacturers as much as possible.  Some things are just not made here anymore, but if the demand is there, maybe we can change that.  After ten years in the retail business, I wanted to come back to it. But this time around, I wanted my boutique to meet a bigger need; hence, the Made in the USA twist.  This time, I wanted to "Start Something That Matters".


If you are searching for mass produced merchandise, then you are definitely in the wrong place.  But, if you are looking for that special little accessory for the side table or those adorable handmade earrings that your  bridesmaid will forever cherish, then by George, you have come to the right place!  We truly appreciate your business.  Thank You!

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